The country boy dreams again

A new year is here with us. Last year is now in the tomb, we have buried it. This means that we have buried the past that comes along with it. All we now have is memories, tender memories. Memories that we remember with sentimentality and nostalgia. They might have been sweet or bitter but they still make part of us. It is in accepting them that we find the strength to move on and appreciate each and every day that the sun rises and sets.

I am glad that I have embraced the New Year on a startling note, with new dreams and aspirations. Last year was the most challenging year of my lifetime. It came along with crowns and responsibilities that took the better of me. I remember I took the second slot in the national examinations.  That was a huge victory to me, bigger than I expected. I had to cope with all the ups and downs that come with it. Everyone expected me to come close to perfection, something that I was not used to. Though I did not meet their expectations, I am happy I was true to myself and my true aspirations.

In the same year, I joined banking as a pre university scholar, another responsibility that I embraced with awe and reverence. As a young country boy, barely eighteen years old, I was expected to deliver just like any other employee. I gave it my best shot and did the best that I could. Although I had issues with my temper, I always tried to control it even in situations that I could not bear. During moments of stress at work, I could not afford a smile although I did everything as was expected of me. As an ex banker, I have learnt to smile, even in the face of adversity. I cherish those memories as a banker.

I have come to realize that every saint has a past and every sinner has a future, let’s not be quick to judge others. Human beings were never created perfect beings. In this imperfection comes the beauty of life. We are there to complement each other so that we move towards a common destiny of prosperity and happiness.

This year, I want to be the best me. As I join the medical fraternity, I want to strive to be the best doctor I can be. I know the journey is not going to be an easy one but since I chose this noble path, I must enjoy the paths that lead me to it. Along the paths, a lot is going to change me, from gross anatomy to ward rounds. I can’t wait to have my first cut, I will hold the scalpel and make a straight cut and shout eureka after I shall have spotted a muscle, a nerve or a blood vessel. I will never leave any experience unrecorded as a young writer. What a wonderful year it is going to be!

I am sure love will sustain me throughout this journey. The love for the material we study , the joy of following a dream and  the hope for a better tomorrow shall keep me alive. Sometimes doubt will engulf me but that too is an ingredient of success. It is from doubt that Egyptians got things right and blessed the world with The Great Pyramid. I also want to be a good person in all domains of life; spiritually, socially, mentally and many other perspectives.  I am tough, ready for tough things, armed with iron pants and a sledge hammer. May God see me through. The New Year begins.


In Pursuit of That Something?

That moment in life  when your subconscious strives for something, something you do not know, something that burns you,a true desire, a passion or even something greater; that is the time when you are dreaming. You look above and what you see is more than the sky and clouds; you see your true aspirations and you get that burning desire to get to what you want, and it is only that one thing that gives you a reason to see the sun rise and set and to enjoy the passage of time.

As you walk through the alleys of life, you hold on to that desire and it changes the bearing of your life. Instantly, it occurs to you that you are chasing something, something greater than yourself, and that something is called a dream. That something can be academic prowess, a successful career, a blossoming business or just daily pursuits of happiness. After a while, you swing into action motivated by the beauty of a better tomorrow and yet at this stage still, you have no guarantee that you will achieve what you want. You still work anyway.

Then that moment comes, years have elapsed since you started dreaming, you look back and all you see is a series of failures after multiple trials, and then you are like, ‘God, where did I go wrong? Why me? ‘Your classmates and friends have achieved a lot in a relatively short time and you feel so odd and envy them in one way or another. The faint hearted are knocked out at this juncture, they settle for something less than their dreams and live in a rut called security. They end up dying with stories untold and songs unsung.

It takes a strong personality to chase a dream. First, you must have a vision of that dream, a vision so clear that you can see through it. Acknowledge the fact that the dream cannot be achieved over night; it takes time to achieve that dream. For instance, If you have a goat that you want to sell, you cannot fatten it on the market day. Once you have the dream into focus, enjoy the paths that lead you to it. It will require a lot of patience to follow a dream. Anyway, the journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.

In times of failure, do not despair for tough situations don’t last but tough people do. In fact, successful people do not fail; they only get setbacks and new ways of doing things. Whenever they are tempted to give up, they look up and see better times ahead. They smile and hang on for just ten more seconds. Do you know what they see? A flicker of hope. However, they still remain persistent and focused in pursuit of their dreams. The light at the end of the tunnel ceases to be hope, it becomes a reality.

Being an achiever is addictive, once dreamers achieve their dreams, they dream again and the chain continues. Such people rise as towers of inspirations. They leave legacies and build dynasties that stand the test of time. Dynasties that will continue living for as long as history will exist. Get up and start following your dreams. If you do not do so, others will invite you to help them follow theirs. I am building my empire and I will reign in it. No matter how long it will take, dreams will take me there.




I don’t know the time in history when you lived. I guess it was many years ago before the coming of Christ. It was during that time when the world was half as old as it is now. I guess a sky scraper now stands tall on the place you called grave. May be it is not even a sky scraper but a super highway or something to the effect of extreme engineering and thrilling architecture. Hippocrates, even as time continues to pass and history continues to record itself, you will always stand tall when medicine is mentioned or rather when makers of history go marching in.

You gave us the true ideals of medicine; getting the science and mastering the art. Hippocrates, medicine has changed a great deal from your time up to the twenty first century. Consequently, many diseases have come up since that time, HIV and AIDS is incurable, cancer has sent many people to the grave and many more complications have developed since then. Even with the state of the art technologies of this age, these health complications are still a menace.

Hippocrates, something went wrong between the time you lived and now, medicine as a career has gone on the downward trend and a few will recommend it as a career for their children. Doctors are burning out; most spend a good amount of time training and practicing but what do they get in return? Asante ya punda ni mateke. Is medicine no longer a noble path? Please answer me Hippocrates. The society is mistreating doctors and demotivating them. What happened between now and then?

Again, medicine has become a profit making venture, it is no longer passion that drives people to it but the desire to be rich and rich and rich. Just come back to life even if for a minute and teach us in the way we should go and we will never depart from it. How I wish you taught physicians the contents of your oath that officially hands them over to the world. Many recite the oath with pride but they never live up to it (Hippocratic Oath).

What would you tell me now that I am becoming part of your great family? I guess you would look at me with steady eye and tell me “The journey is tough, only be strong and courageous.” And I will look up to your face as though puzzled with your wealth of experience and nod in agreement. I am glad you are mentoring me even in death. My greatest prayer is to be of help to my people; to alleviate pain and suffering and to inspire hope. I will grow into my own person but I will uphold the values of this path that turns out to be my calling. I will not despair no matter what. By the way Big Hippo, medical school still starts with the anatomy laboratory and that is where future surgeons will make their first cut. Rotations come later in the sunset years of medical school and then internship follows. Nothing has changed much, though I am not sure whether you went through all these.

Rest in peace my dear mentor. I will never let you down. I will never cease to wonder what sort of person you were, were you tall? Short? Authoritative? I can’t connect the dots to visualize who you really were. All I know is that you carried along with you the ideals of medicine. Medicine, hot passion it is and cold science; this is where the chemistry between a physician, a patient and diseases lie.




A letter to my Dad

Dad, it has been  a year and a day since we sat down under that Mugumo tree.I remember vividly how you taught me the indigenous wisdom of our elders and gave me the golden rules of life. I thought I was so young for life then, but then you told me that no one can be too young for life. The Mugumo tree still stands, proudly, silently behind our bungalow that took you a fortune to build, up to now you haven’t completed it. Anyway, congratulations, you gave it your best shot. The tree reminds me of the ingenuity of nature. It is my favorite spot.

You taught me to say no more often than not. These words have never departed from me. But then dad, sometimes I find it hard to say no. I know the value of sacrifice but at times I feel am losing a lot by sacrificing the little that I have. How do I deal with this? Please teach me dad I want to face the world boldly and armed with your words.

I remember the olden days when you taught me about humility. You told me that in humility lies greatness. I understood this pretty succinctly when you brought Jesus into the picture. You told me that He was a humble leader and a servant.  You also told me that the only way to the throne of the kingdom is through the servant quarters. Dads please, as I join the family of Hippocrates, teach me more of humility for I know it will be a powerful weapon in my practice and in my life.

The other year when we were grazing our cows at the edge of the fence that separates us with our neighbours, you talked about love. Albeit the cows mauled the forest green grass noisily, I heard what you said. You talked about the chicken, whenever they find food, they will always chuckle and call their friends to come and feast with them. This is unlike us human beings, whenever we are comfortable; we forget our brothers and sisters even if we are in a position to help them. You told me that the world is in dire need of love and it is the only bridge that connects people, tribes, nations and races. Dad, I promise never to depart from these teachings.

Oh dad you taught me the fringe benefits of failure, you told me to always press on in life despite tough situations. i remember you quoted,” what does not kill you makes you strong”. So far, I have had a good share of challenges that have pushed me to the wall but I am glad they never blinded me to see the beauty of life. I will always fight to ensure that I achieve my dreams.

Dads, as I prepare to hold the rod of Asclepius, please teach me the ideals of this profession. Give me the values to hold in order to cure the patient and not the disease. Teach me to manage anger dad, for temperament worked against me the other day when I was a banker. i believe that I will be a wonderful doctor should I learn how to manage anger. Any way life has been good, teeming with people is a great opportunity that equity bank accorded me. Long live equity bank!

I will always avoid bad company dad, for you told me that they ruin good morals. I will develop my character that will be unshakable. Thanks a lot for your inspiration. I am getting there, dreams are taking me there. You are the best dad. Seat back, relax and see me grow into a great man.

With great love,






no turning back

I sat down and reflected on my past .A past that had been so challenging but sometimes punctuated with happy moments and sometimes just hard nuts to crack.Anyway I thank God for the far he has brought me.Special thanks also goes to those who have made me this tough and ready to conquer great horizons that now beckon me.A future that all along I have been seeing through the window.A great task lies ahead, many battles are waiting to be lost,I know iam going to fail.Nonetheless I will never be knocked out,i will fight to the last molecule of my blood ,sweat and tears,for I shall win the ultimate battle and take the crown.

I have made a choice that medicine is all I want do come what may.Reason? I want to be in such an intimate contact with humanity,learn what they need most and give it to them.There is no greater gift than the gift of people.Imagine having everything that you can ever want in this world and there are no people?The answer to this question tells you how important people are.

Two months down the line for me to begin living in my future,iam adjusting to this great call,great friends are in it too.This is a battle that will land us into a field that the faint hearted will give it up too soon.Those who choose to soldier on to the insecurity of the unknown will see how changed they will be to be entrusted with a life:something that only comes once.To my brothers and sisters who are making this decision to join the league of life savers, thumbs up! You have made such a difficult decision to give yourself to others.the journey is going to be fun and adventorous,only be strong and courageous!

I know we are going to burn out but I believe we will find time to develop the other aspects of ourselves,things that give us a life outside the hospital and make us complete people,fully developed in all the dormains of the human body.We will meet bizarre experiences,but there will always be time to reflect and give our bodies permission to feel and react to them.Get ready!