It’s all a show!

Its storytelling time

In the extremes of my imaginations, I have imagined myself a full-time writer and a part-time doctor. I want to walk the world and search for my truths and those of others. Only by listening and telling stories do we ever get to deeply connect with others. It is by the conversations we stimulate, do we ever get to know the core of the people we interact with. Most importantly, I would love to follow stories of compassion, stories of grit and bravery, and sometimes stories of anger, angst, grief, and pain. For life, is an oscillation between emotions of happiness and sadness.

A few weeks ago a bunch of us became buddies. 5 friends. A young doctor that is me, is always the convener, young, no money, no anything, just ideas. Then there is a very happily married man, this one tells us the morality of our decision-making, every time we meet together. The guy we always go to when things are thick. We shall call him Sammy, he is 35. The third person is a single lady, a respected gynecologist at a thriving private practice in town, recently graduated with a master’s, she is 32.

The fourth is an Engineer from Kitale, he wins a lot of business county tenders that guy, Joseph is his name, a shrewd investor, 64 and not so happily married. He has lost it all and rebuilt from scratch.Β  He reminds us of how to pick up in life at our lowest.

Then there is a tiny college girl that found herself in our circle. Her name is Dorah, she is 23. She does some social media work for Sammy. That’s how I got to know her. Once in a while, we call her for a little office work here and there to help her get money through college. By the way, Sammy is an IT guy. As men in this clique, we held a WhatsApp crisis meeting and said there is no chewing anyone in the club and we were serious that we want to be proper friends. Folks, these are new friendships that I am building intentionally. I told them, we want to have candid conversations about life, but we mostly want to savor life. Most of it through telling our stories. For the stories that we cant tell, may we have the willingness to forgive ourselves and treat our failures, guilts, and shame with compassion.

Stay tuned at The Doctor On Call, and let’s see life from the perspective of 5 of my friends. Most entries will however remain the diary of a junior doctor, just some little dessert on top of the usual drama that is the life of a doctor.

That will form the foundation of The Doctor On Call, telling stories of the comedy that is life, from the perspective of my newly found friends and I. Immerse yourself and follow. It’s all a show!


Author: Dr. Kiaye Oliver

I am a dreamer. I love medicine. She is generous. I am also in love with literature, she makes me see the world the way I want to and sometimes the way it is.

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